Porto USK Symposium. Os cozinheiros de La Ribiera

During the Symposium, the last activity of the day was called "Drink and Draw", sketching in the bar area of "La Ribiera". There I was, not sure what to draw, so I went into one of the bars in the area to access the toilet. I had to wait for a short queue to access the bathroom, so while I was waiting I started sketching the cooks, two women from Cape Verde. When they saw my work, they were delighted and wanted to pose with my work.

This was the result

More about the  USk Porto Symposium.



Sesión de posados en la Escuela de Arte

Esta fue la última sesión de este curso con las sesiones de posados en la Escuela de Arte . Doble posado con dos modelos; Cristina y Borja.  Todo un lujo para la despedida.

Sesión de desnudo de la pareja en la primera parte.

Sesión de vestido "de época" en la segunda parte


2nd. Watercolorist Meet up in Zamora

On June 9,Although weather forecasts were not very good, about 20 watercolourists from Valladolid, Madrid and Zamora attended the meeting organized in Zamora by Mercedes Ballesteros. We could enjoy a great day painting on the street.

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Springtime. Landscapes Outdoors

It's Springtime. It's time to go outside to paint outdoors. These are some of my latest works on location.

Laguna de Duero. 7th June With  the Association of Watercolorists
Tiedra. 23 May
Valladolid. May 26. Juan de Austria. Fast painting competition
Renedo. May


Sketching around Porto

The 9th International Urban Sketchers Symposium will be held in Porto, Portugal, July .
Last weekend I was fortunated to spend it in this beautiful World Heritage site. These are some of the sketches and watercolors that I made there.


Portraits in situ with "Guardar Como" Group

In "Guardar Como", a group of artists meet every week for more than five years. We invite a public figure weekly; Musicians, writers, singers, bullfighters, dancers, sport players, etc. have been protagonists and models in these evenings sessions.
These are some of my works, portraits in situ, of the last sessions:

Virgen de los Aguadores (Folk Dancing Group) . 16 May

Asunción and Julio (Dancers). June 6

M. Carmen Diago (Poet). 23th May

DaButti Raúl and Edgar. 4th of April
Lola Quintana (Writer) March 21st
Tali Honukai (Dancer) March 14
Ana Quesada (Musician) March 7
Rosa Rico (Spanish Song singer) 28 Febr.
Pablo Buisan (Sculptor) 21st. Febr
Laura Santamaría (Actress) January 17

I have compiled some of these portraits in a Flickr album. You can have a look at this below:

Portraits in situ . "Guardar Como" Group

More on some of these sessions in this Blog.

More about the "Guardar Como" Group´s activities on the Facebook  page


Bangkok Travel Sketchbook

My Sketchbook published in Issuu
Drawings, and watercolors accompanied by some indications and notes of Bangkok in my sketchbook. There are innumerable thems to collect in the notebook; the temples, streets, canals, ... but especially the people. Thais are willing to be drawn and grateful to see themselves portrayed in my notebook. Buddhist monks, market vendors, subway passengers, ...


Canals and Floating Markets in Bangkok

Due to the vast network of canals and waterways, Bangkok and the surrounding area, were formerly known as the Venice of the East. In ancient times the whole city was crossed by hundreds of channels. Khlongs are canals that extend into the city from the main river that runs through Bangkok to the Chao Phraya River. Unlike the east side of the river, the modern Bangkok, where many canals were drained and filled with dirt to build asphalt roads, the west side of the city still retains many of its water channels, which today serve as main roads of transportation in that area of the city.
Khlong Lat Mayom (ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม)
Khlong Lat Mayom (ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม)
Teak huts . Khlong Lat Mayom ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม

The canals of Bangkok are full of long bow boats; Longs, which function as a taxi, taking from one place to another the citizens who live in them for a small fee, boats of street vendors and other service boats such as the postman or the butane supplier who do their door-to-door delivery.
Thonburi, in the western area of Chao Phraya, is one of the oldest and most intact areas left of Bangkok. We discovered small wooden houses on stilts, children swimming in the river, fishermen ...
Teak huts . Khlong Lat Mayom ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม

Some places seem quite poor, but you can also see beautiful houses, temples ...
Even nowadays canals are still used as transportation in areas in and around Bangkok., and therefore people would tend to sell things directly from their boats, and congregate in certain areas to have floating boat markets.

One of the most popular is Khlong Lat Mayom (ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม) – situated in a lovely green lush area with an abundance of good food to eat.
The grilled snakehead fish (ปลาช่อนเผา), despite its scary looks, is incredibly delicious. fresh, and grilled

Bangkok es por sus canales llamada la Venecia del Este. Antigüamente toda la ciudad estaba surcada por cientos de canales. Los khlongs son canales que se extienden en la ciudad desde el río principal que atraviesa Bangkok, al río Chao Phraya. A diferencia del lado este del río, la Bangkok moderna, donde se drenaron y rellenaron muchos canales con tierra para construir carreteras de asfalto, la cara oeste de la ciudad todavía conserva muchos de sus canales de agua, que sirven hoy en día como vías principales de transporte en esa zona de la ciudad. Los canales de Bangkok están repletos de barcas de proa larga; Longs,  que funcionan a modo de taxi, llevando de un sitio a otro a los ciudadanos que viven en ellos por un módico precio, barcas de vendedores ambulantes y otras lanchas de servicios como el cartero o el butanero que hacen su reparto puerta por puerta.
Thonburi , en la zona oeste del Chao Phraya, es una de las zonas más antiguas e intactas que quedan de Bangkok. Descubrimos pequeñas casas de madera sobre pilotes, niños nadando en el río, pescadores ...
Algunos lugares parecen bastante pobres, pero también se ven casas hermosas, templos ...