Portraits in situ with "Guardar Como" Group

In "Guardar Como", a group of artists meet every week for more than five years. We invite a public figure weekly; Musicians, writers, singers, bullfighters, dancers, sport players, etc. have been protagonists and models in these evenings sessions.
These are some of my works, portraits in situ, of the last sessions:

Virgen de los Aguadores (Folk Dancing Group) . 16 May

Asunción and Julio (Dancers). June 6

M. Carmen Diago (Poet). 23th May

DaButti Raúl and Edgar. 4th of April
Lola Quintana (Writer) March 21st
Tali Honukai (Dancer) March 14
Ana Quesada (Musician) March 7
Rosa Rico (Spanish Song singer) 28 Febr.
Pablo Buisan (Sculptor) 21st. Febr
Laura Santamaría (Actress) January 17

I have compiled some of these portraits in a Flickr album. You can have a look at this below:

Portraits in situ . "Guardar Como" Group

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